Dogs at weddings?

In Etsy, weddings on February 10, 2012 at 10:07 pm

Yes, you can, and YES it can be a lot of fun. Fortunately we had good weather and very easy-going friends at our outdoor wedding reception. Chloe and Connor were dressed in formal neck ties, and accessorized with the same sea star hair clips I wore in my hair. Once again, Etsy was a great resource.

Unfortunately, there was a little stream nearby and Chloe + water = a big mess. Her necktie lasted all of 15 minutes as soon as she was let off leash.

If you decide to let a water-loving dog be a part of a wedding reception, try to keep the water out of the equation. Otherwise, consider mud-coated accessories.

I’ll probably post more dog and wedding related ideas later – but in the meantime, I’d also like to make a plug for our fantastic wedding photographer: Andrew Fritz. He really helped to capture the feel of the reception. Mud and all. I highly, HIGHLY recommend him.


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