Make your dog work this Valentine’s Day

In crafts, Etsy, wrinkled sea dog on February 11, 2012 at 1:42 pm

Your dog spends most of his time sitting around, begging for your food, demanding belly rubs and expecting you to take him for walks – or maybe its just my dogs?! If this sounds familiar – get your mutt to work for you for once! This Valentine’s Day, forget the flowers and surprise someone with a doggie-delivered love note.

Here’s a Valentine’s Day surprise that you may want to try on your dog. Request a custom-made card on Etsy, or make one on your own.

A simple hand-painted card  attached to your dog’s collar with a little ribbon – cheap, but effective. I think it would work just as well as an “I’m Sorry” card – where you let your dog’s naturally appealing, sad eyes do the work for you. My prototype dog-delivered cards were tested by both Chloe and Connor and the following results were obtained – cards suffered some damage from: 1) rambunctious wrestling behavior; 2) drooling; 3) chewing; 4) excessive investigative sniffing.

For the best results I recommend not leaving your messenger with the card for too long unattended. Assuming delivery goes well, it would be a sure fire hit.

Place card low enough to avoid drool & high enough to prevent tripping


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