A little Hawaiian touch

In crafts, Etsy, wrinkled sea dog on February 16, 2012 at 5:23 pm

Chloe in her Hawaiian costume

I realize that I am quickly running out of shoes for my dogs to model on the blog. Luckily  my slippers look acceptable with Chloe’s  Hawaiian outfit. Anyway, the theme for this post is related to my artwork. Why on earth are all my animals wearing flowers or leis? Two reasons: 1) I love (and miss) Hawaii; 2) it is a small attempt to broach an environmental concern – namely, climate change.

Living near Washington DC can be a little amusing. The political circus is impossible to escape here, as are the follies of politicians who take offense to any mention of climate change. Likely these same politicians don’t believe in evolution either. Anyhow, polar species stand a lot to lose in a warming earth. In an effort to inspire without the gloom and doom of climate change naysayers, I created the Hawaiian-themed accents for animals typically suited for colder climates – such as this little polar bear cub. The world is changing, might as well start accessorizing appropriately!

Incidentally, I have never seen a wild polar bear even though I’d really like to. Unfortunately, they are having a rough go with this changing environment, and some have even turned to cannibalism (see story here ). It is a sad, sad time for wildlife.


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