Could you leave your baby behind?

In life, Uncategorized on February 19, 2012 at 5:21 am

This is Claire, my first foster puppy. I got to love her for a month. The animal shelter I volunteered with asked me to keep her until she got all her puppy vaccinations and could safely return to the shelter to get adopted. Claire had all the love and charm of a happy, well-adjusted puppy. and she never met anyone she didn’t love. However, trying to potty train her from my third floor apartment was difficult, she always woke up barking too early in the morning, and I was constantly cleaning her kennel. It was a rather challenging fostering experience, but I loved her so much. At the time I only had Chloe as a forever dog, and had no idea I could get so attached to another dog over such a short period of time. As a foster mom, I was completely unprepared to say goodbye.

When I brought Claire in for her last round of shots, the shelter happily announced that she could now stay with them again. I put on my brave face, smiled and kissed Claire goodbye, and somehow managed to drive myself home through my tears. Dearest, sweet Claire – how hard it was to leave you behind. The story ends happily – Claire’s forever home family found her the same day I dropped her off. She was adopted almost instantly. I still miss her even though I know she was never really mine.

I now have two dogs, and could not fathom leaving either of them behind. That said, I am appalled at my husband’s ex-wife who is making a choice to leave her kids a continent away.

This mother will soon follow her third husband to Germany with only ONE of her three children instead of staying in the country so that she can raise ALL her children. She has chosen to take her 14 year old daughter with her, and is leaving behind her 9 year old autistic daughter and 16 year old son with their respective fathers.  How do you pick between your children? How do you leave a child behind in another continent for the better part of 4 years? After fighting so hard to keep his daughter in the country, my husband is now dealing with a daughter who is so afraid of being abandoned by her mother that she has allowed her mother to convince her that this move is a good idea – even at the expense of everyone else in this now very broken family.

Shame on this mother for voluntarily abandoning two of her children for another continent. Shame on the judge for thinking a broken family is in anybody’s best interests. If someone can explain to me how a mother can leave her babies behind, please do. I just cannot fathom the idea, and all I have are puppies.

  1. I can’t fathom it either. I nurtured my two beautiful dogs for 14 years and could barely spend a night away from them without missing and worrying about them.

  2. Peace comes from feelings of satisfaction when working with joy, living with hope, loving with abandonment~ Arnold Hutschnecker obtained from Abandonment Quotes

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