No bad cooks

In Food on February 23, 2012 at 6:07 pm

One of the first rules Chloe learned is that she is not allowed into the kitchen. Luckily all the apartments we’ve rented have a clear delineation between the carpet and linoleum that separates the kitchen from the living space . Clearly the dogs should have no question about boundaries. Lately, however, the dogs have become braver and venture into the kitchen just enough to place their front paws into the kitchen space whenever someone is cooking.

Sometimes Chloe will inch into the kitchen, sniffing the air the whole way. This is very flattering behavior because for all intensive purposes, I am not a good cook. A few nights ago I made shrimp and rice with asparagus. Judging  from the picture, it was not bad, but certainly not amazing.

You wouldn’t know I was a mediocre cook based on the dogs though. Occasionally Chloe will give up and walk away, but Connor, ever the optimist will stare at me with a worried, wrinkled brow from the edge of the kitchen floor. Hoping, always hoping that I might allow him to taste something, or drop something edible to pass on to him. If ever I am in need of a captive audience, all it takes is a stove and something to cook.

  1. They are so cute!!

  2. Your dogs are adorable 🙂 and it’s funny that they’re slowly edging into the kitchen.

  3. Gosh, Mom says she sure wishes she could keep me out of the kitchen! But it’s hard, because our kitchen is kind of like a hallway too, so we HAVE to be in there sometimes. Miss Chloe and Mr. Connor are doing a much better job of behaving than I do, I like to get right by Mom’s feets in case she drops something nomable when she’s cooking and sometimes I forget to get out of the way and I run into her leg!



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