Malaysian batik art

In crafts, decor, Etsy on February 25, 2012 at 10:50 am

My latest illustrations were inspired by Malaysian batik. Here Chloe tolerates me using her to model my only piece of Malaysian batik in the form of a sarong. A sarong is a long piece of material sewn together in a giant hoop, and typically it is worn around the waist (ala Chloe, below) and is used by both men and women. Note:  men would also wear it around their waist, and not as a head-dress (ala Connor – who was just too lazy to model it the right way). I love the detail and use of colour in the designs. The traditional batik art is a painstakingly long process thanks to the intricate details. It’s really amazing how much detail and colour can be found in the traditional clothes of Asian cultures.

I did not see why batik art wouldn’t look just as beautiful printed on an animal, and these two illustrations below were my whimsical interpretation of batik art and wildlife. However, I admit I cheated and used watercolors to create them which saved me a LOT of time.

An emperor penguin chick with batik details.

 A Sumatran rhino.

  1. i’ve got a lot of newly-bought batik sarongs . gotta save some for your pretty patient model Chloe 🙂 i like the rhino in batik watercolour – it makes the hard-to-love animal lovable.

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