Mr. Does-It-All

In jobs, life on February 27, 2012 at 7:48 pm

Today’s post is inspired by the very handsome, very talented man I married. Here Connor is modeling his typical work accessories of tennis shoes and a baseball cap. In this very modest attire is someone who flies airplanes and helicopters, fixes and restores cars, cooks, goes to college, and always makes it look easy to find a job. That’s another point for today: if you would like to stay gainfully employed, perhaps you should just forget the college degree – go get a marketable skill instead (see here for more ramblings about this point from a few weeks earlier).

Yes, although I am now an independent contractor for three (yes, 3!) different companies, I can’t say it’s helping with the bills all that much, and honestly, my degree has not helped me with finding a job just yet – it all boils down to the “Do you also have x-many years of experience?” question where my resume starts to fall flat.

Back to my Mr. Does-It-All: at this point in the day he is probably making more hours at work than most people make in a week. If it is slow at work, he’ll be working on his helicopter parts for the helicopter he is building in our garage. When it is up and running, I’ll show you how splendid it all looks. In the meantime, I am staring down my esoteric manuscript thinking about all the reasons it’s not worth my time to work on resubmitting it for publication.

So Mr. Does-It-All, thank you for taking good care of us. I will do my best to have dinner ready when you get home.

  1. I LOVE Connor, he is soooooo photogenic!

  2. Thanks. He sure hates the camera though.

  3. like the sound of that. independent contractor. worry not.

  4. Ha. Not a very glamorous position though, is it?

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