Marine and green

In crafts, decor, Etsy on March 18, 2012 at 2:23 pm

A friend recently asked me to make her a coastal wreath like the one  on our front door. My clever husband decided that orange would be a good color for the flowers and I admit it came out quite nicely.

I was actually quite impressed with the way our camera captured this wreath in the warm light of our living room. I also got to thinking about how well terrestrial plants look with marine species, and there are a few items on Etsy that I would love to add to our home. Here are some air plants in sea urchins that Robin Charlotte’s Etsy store makes so beautifully.

This nautilus terrarium is also amazing (from Tall Poppy Gardens on Etsy). Who would have thought calcifying organisms could go so well with green plants?

So there’s only one thing left to add: Connor – go get me some sea shells to turn into miniature gardens!

  1. Absolutely beautiful wreath! Truly love how you put it together! I can’t believe Connor is now a “diver” for shells, how funny is that!

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