In dogs, life on April 2, 2012 at 12:57 pm

There is an illness that 92% of pet owners silently suffer from. The strain that most commonly affects dog-owners (Canis-familiaris-hyper-compensatia) is typically the worst version you can have, and sadly my husband and I both have it. It seems to be more prevalent in urban areas, where owners either have homes without enough space for their dogs to run around in, or the owners are away at work for long hours.

Symptoms can vary, but for us a typical scenario goes like this:

Me: Look, we just bought this car, and it’s the nicest one we’ve ever had. We have a big truck for you to ride in, so you’ll just ride in the truck, ok?

Dog: Gee, but it looks like such a NICE car. I wish I knew what it was like to sit in a car with a sun-roof.

Me: Um, well maybe we can get some seat protectors for the backseat. You can ride in it if you stay in the back, and promise not to shed or drool.

Ten minutes later, you notice that the interior of your car has muddy paw prints, dog hair and drool and nose-prints on the windows; and the next time you look out your side-view mirrors, you see this:

At this stage, you realize that it is too late to put your foot down, as CFHC has dictated the outcome of the situation. At other times CFHC manifests itself during something as routine as taking your dog for a walk. One minute you are simply out getting your dog some exercise, the next – you are getting some ice-cream and losing a significant share of your cold treats to the monsters with their sad eyes and pink tongues.

Perhaps you’ve noticed symptoms such as a sudden over-abundance of dog toys in their toy box, or you wake up to find the dog is taking up more than half the space on the bed and has stolen some of your covers. If you have ever taken a road trip explicitly because you’ve heard of a chocolate store that makes delicious carob dog biscuits or driven over an hour to get to a good dog park, you may have CFHC. I do not know what to suggest for relief of these symptoms and I could do more research on the topic, but my CFHC is kicking in this morning and I have to go take my dogs to the dog park.

  1. LOVED this post, especially the sideview mirror photo! If you need seat protectors for the car, we got em on our website! (let us know)

  2. For a moment I thought you guys were down with some new sickness, CFHC but the more I read the more serious it is kekekeke. Looks like mum and me have it here too for the two cuties, and we are like thousands of miles away! We were at Malacca last week and we bought 2 rattan balls for them to play with. Will send them together with Shaun’s coffee !

  3. This was too cute! Your photos are great and you have the most precious dogs!

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