Life’s a beach

In crafts, decor, dogs, life on April 12, 2012 at 11:55 am

I feel at some point somebody is going to knock me on the head and say, “Wake up! You do not live at the beach!” Luckily my husband indulges my coastal-inspired decor. For instance, here is a porch that I would love to have – look at that view!

But failing to have the money for the real thing, we do what we can with what we currently have. Here’s the overall set-up using items we already own, some of which have been borrowed from inside the house. Hello plastic Adirondack chairs from Target!

And a close-up of the haphazardly painted table. I didn’t exactly color within the lines. I love the idea of coastal furniture being fun and exuding a care-free attitude. So, I painted it a little messy – stop fussing and go get another drink already! In the background is a hammock  I brought back from Thailand,  wood shore birds from Galveston and a Humpback whale that was a gift from a friend in Hawaii.

In case you didn’t notice earlier, Chloe has a sting-ray pillow. It was custom made by a friend who originally used it as part of his Halloween costume. After Halloween, he stuffed it and made it a pillow. It is almost completely anatomically correct, tail and all!

And an encore for the pillow because it is so cute:

I will refrain from showing you our view and the other side of our porch that stores our under-used grill and Chloe’s baby wading pool. Sometimes it’s best not to look behind the magician’s curtain. 😉

  1. Truly love that sting ray pillow & the whole beachie theme on your porch! Since we’re doing our first vegetable garden this year, I am going to make a “GROW” sign to hang on our garden door. I love outdoor embellishments! I should try to make you a wood whale to hang on your wall!

  2. With summer on the way I’m sure you’ll find more opportunities to use that grill! Wish I was there to take advantage of it 😉

  3. Wish you could be taking advantage of it too!!

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