Passing on the Versatile Blogger Award love

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My very first blog award nomination was very kindly given from teepee12, whose writings on the ups and downs of life have kept me a follower of her blog Serendipity.  Thank you so very much for passing along the nomination! Our ‘versatility’ tends to come as a result of a lack of direction.

Chloe and Connor are proud of this achievement, especially since they provide much of the entertainment and subject-matter of my blog. I believe they now expect some sort of reward for their part in the award which will likely come in the form of something tasty to eat.

Part of the Versatile Blogger Award rules is to nominate other deserving blogs, and to provide 7 facts about yourself. I don’t follow a lot of blogs at the moment, and I believe some of the blogs I love have already been nominated for this award, so here’s my list of nominees to pass on the VBA love:

1. Nikitaland’s blog follows the life of one of the cutest dogs out there – Nikita. It also includes crafts and free printables, and is a lot of fun for anyone that loves dogs and DIY projects.

2. M.K.D. provides versatile uses of everyday objects to create a bird-a-day art. It is amazing what he can do with something as mundane as splashes of water on pavement, and soy sauce.

3. Allen’s Zoo is another favorite for his creative style of illustrations. His marine life series is what really drew me to his work.

4. Mermaid Scientist is a beautiful blog that combines the science of marine biology with the beauty of art. It reminds me of the fun of being a marine biologist, and the importance of conserving our oceans.

5. Sadie and Dasie is a like a visual candy, with a mix of home decor, dogs and fashion pictures that fall into themes. I love what she puts together.

6. Oscar the English Bulldog is a blog about Oscar. He is possibly one of the cutest puppies around, and there are many pictures to prove it.

7. Cooking College Chick is a blog about easy recipes. The fact that chocolate and peanut butter are some of her favorite ingredients makes this blog a must-read for anyone with a sweet-tooth.

8. The Other Alaska – a blog that shows Juneau is worth a visit gosh-darn-it!

Now on to the 7 facts about us:

1. We love pizza.

2. Connor has consistently stayed 5 lbs heavier than Chloe over the last year, but Chloe is still the bully dog.

3. Chloe recently had a tooth extracted for a fracture. Some dogs shouldn’t have very  hard things to chew.

4. The patience exercised by the dogs in costumes is directly proportional to the tastiness of the treat that awaits.

5. We believe in off-leash fun for well behaved dogs.

6. Connor survived eating a partial bag of Raisinettes left out by a child with no ill side-effects.

7. Chloe would rather starve than eat plain kibbles.

  1. Mostly, our dogs aren’t picky eaters lately Bonnie the Scottie Queen of the Pack has decided that if she holds out long enough, something better is bound to appear. Having 3 dawgz, I finally made the hard decision to not give in to the blackmail. Yes, she gets a little piece of everything I eat, but once we wander down the path of trying to find a food to please the queen, it is a never-ending journey. But oh the look in her eyes as she stares at the kibble, then looks at me and I can see it in her eyes … I am condemned for cruel and unusual punishment. Who’s running this joint? Yeah, right, we know the answer.

    • You are absolutely right about it becoming a never-ending journey to please the queen. If only my husband could resist those puppy-dog eyes we might make some progress…

  2. Thank you for the nomination of Allen’s Zoo to the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m honored!

  3. […] on the same day, I was nominated for the “Versatile Blogger Award” from Two Dogs and a Vegetarian.  A great big thank you goes to Liv, Chloe & Connor who thought that I was the cutest dog and […]

  4. Thank you for the nomination and shout out! Oscar is wagging his tail at you.

  5. […] like to acknowledge a nomination I received for the Versatile Blogger Award. Considering nominees and recipients of this award I consider it an honor to receive this […]

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