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Road trip:North Carolina

In Food, travel on February 12, 2012 at 10:29 pm

This weekend, my pilot husband needed to pick up a turbine engine for his helicopter from Salisbury, North Carolina – some 300+ miles or 6 hours away. Not terribly exciting, but an adventure nevertheless. Lucky for the dogs we have a Suburban which seats seven comfortably, or two dogs in relative luxury. See how they sprawl out on their blankie in the back.

True to most adventures, there were mishaps along the way, and we suffered some engine problems on the way there. Luckily, I have a handy husband who made hasty repairs in the parking lot of an auto shop despite cursing the crappy tools he had to use, and working in freezing windchill.

After picking up the engine we stopped for dinner at Sonic. Drive-In restaurants are GREAT for traveling with pets, and we miss having a Sonic near our home. As usual, the dogs were entitled to some of our chilli cheese Coney dogs. 

As luck would have it, we found out that all the Salisbury hotels were full because a conference was in town. A few phone calls later without luck finding a room, we decided to head towards home. We stopped at a Quality Inn in Lexington, NC which did not charge an exorbitant pet fee (a flat rate of $20 for BOTH dogs) – AND they offered a hot breakfast in the morning. 

Chloe and Connor LOVE hotels, and proceeded to jump between the beds and wrestle.  Playtime done with, they settled down between the pillows and called it a night.

The following morning, the dogs ran around the field adjacent to the hotel – it was a great way to burn some energy before the long drive back.

We made a couple of stops at the rest areas on the way home and took a detour to visit the Bass Pro Shop. Incidentally, Bass Pro Shops are puppy-friendly and we met 5 dogs in the store when we were there. Next time we will take our dogs inside the store with us.