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Alaska – 2 years later

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photo (15)

As bloggers go, I am about as random as they come, but looking back at old posts reminds me of how far I’ve come since starting this blog of puppies, art and Alaska. Amazingly two years have flown by and Alaska continues to throw us adventures, opportunities and challenges. This year summer didn’t really happen with all the rain and cool weather.My garden was pretty neglected which is just as well since our friendly moose helped herself to what little I had. 

no moose

In the end, I’ve learned that I really don’t have what it takes to be a gardener, and that’s ok. Not everyone can grow a 60 lb cabbage. Alaska has been the backdrop for so much professional and personal growth. Long winter nights can bring out the worst in people – depression, self-doubt, loneliness. Yet – I love the darkness for the opportunities it brings to capture this:


Chasing auroras is something I highly recommend doing at least once in your life. Which brings me to the point of this post – at the age of 31, I’ve learned that life is too, too short to spend it worrying about how you look to the world. Celebrate what makes you unique and give back! Volunteer (I like Fairbanks Youth Advocates), do something nice for someone for no reason. Host a charity event like this one benefiting Marley’s Mutt’s.


(Chloe and Connor are always happy to model for my event promotions)

In the end, you can’t take anything with you when you’ve reached the end of the road – but you can make sure you’ve left something good behind. Oh, and hug your puppy every chance you get, because that’s always good for the soul.








Living in the sticks

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It has been a little bit busy since moving to Alaska and starting a new job, hence the absence from blogging. It is also still bitterly cold some days, but the dark winters are fading into bright spring evenings which makes the cold much more bearable.

As my husband and I promised, we finally got the dogs a house with a big yard in Alaska. It’s not so far from town, but we do live on a dirt road that has been appropriately named for its notoriety for getting cars, trucks and trailers stuck in deep snow or mud. Personally, we have only experienced the snow trap (at great expense) and this spring when the snow melts we will see the full extent of the mud problem.

However, there are benefits to living off the beaten road and having several acres of wild Alaskan land. For instance, we sometimes get to see the auroras off our porch.

Aurora from home

And we occasionally get visitors to our yard.

watching the moose

Moose cow and calf

And sometimes those visitors decide to sleep in our yard overnight and stop at our place the next day for breakfast. Chloe and Connor go nuts when we see moose – and this results in much barking, whining and leaving of nose prints all over the glass windows. However, they will listen to voice commands to leave them alone when they are outside with the moose, which I can imagine is difficult for them because their first instinct is to chase it. Fortunately the moose are large enough to be intimidating up close.

connor is vigilant

Arguably there’s a price for living out in the sticks – but so far we really like it and we would love to be able to share the experience with others.